Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a treatment approach based on human walking gait that was created by Gary Ward. As young children we go through a neuro-developmental process that ends up with us gaining the ability to be upright and to move around aka. walking. Human walking gait is the platform around which all other movement develops. Each of us that have gone through a normal developmental process will (barring injury) be able to walk from place to place.


But do you know what actually happens in your body who you walk?


There is a distinct flow that should happen through our bodies form the moment our heel strikes the ground to the moment we strike the ground again with the same foot. 


We have 207 bones, 360 joints & 639 muscles all moving in 3 planes of motion, through 6 phases of gait in a synergy with gravity and ground reaction forces! Thats A LOT of movement!

“Gait is how you move through your life. Change your gait, and you change how you move through your life.” 


In clinic, David uses AiM as an assessment tool, a treatment tool and as homework for each client. During the assessment process, by analysing the way that you move, David will be able to identify the joint movements that are missing throughout your body. 


Why is this important? - By understanding what is missing, David has found key details that he can use during the treatment process. By finding out why you are naturally or unconsciously wanting to avoid accessing these joint movements, David will be able to remove the blockages in your body and restore access to your full movement potential. 


Most movement blockages are as a result of  a protective response from the brain as it deems those movements to be threatening. Having previously assisted in the delivery of the AiM courses both nationally and internationally, David is adept at unlocking your movement potential using the AiM philosophy as part of his powerful treatment process.

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