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Problems with Balance, Gait and Fatigue, July 2017.

I really enjoyed the session with David and was amazed at the results.I am walking better, standing more upright and my energy levels have increased.

I would highly recommend David to anyone who has had no joy from their doctors or any other therapists. You can put you fingers on the problems instantly.


Shoulder Pain

March 2017

David has helped me numerous times for a shoulder issue that was preventing me from working due to pain, and as a manual therapist that is vital to me being able to pay the bills. He has been invaluable.
As more of secondary benefits he has helped me with general energy levels and ability to concentrate. Would thoroughly recommend him.


 Zero Balancing Instructor, May 2017

You'd improve whatever technique David chose to use, because he has the eyes to see, the hands to understand, and the words to inspire confidence.


Chiropractor, May 2017

David is truly an excellent therapist. He is perceptive, talented and results driven. He will be able to help. It's really that simple. Simply amazing.


Sportsmans Hernia & Groin Pain
Jan 2016

Having spent 3 and 1/2 years out of sport due to injury with no hopes of returning anytime soon, I nearly threw in the towel. It was at this point I met David Mc Gettigan and that all changed. After a few sessions, I went from being barely able to walk properly without pain to being fully able to run again. I'm now 22 and back playing football at a elite standard in the Irish League after being told I would be lucky to run, let alone play again. Its been a long road but I'm back where I am for one reason. Thats David!!!! The only critique I have is that he's moved from Ireland to London, but London has undoubtedly gained a top class new therapist!



Medical Doctor, July 2016 

David is quite simply brilliant, inspired and passionately dedicated to his work - and it shows in the outcomes in his clients. Do not, for one moment, hesitate in working with this man - you will not regret it.

Dave H.

Kettlebell Instructor & Movement Therapist

May 2017

Mc Gettigan is a first rate therapist who gets better every time I see him.
I've not seen him in a couple of years, I can only imagine how good he is now.


Foot Pain & Dance Performance problems
October 2016

Incredible, mind blowing treatment that knocks the socks of anything that you would have experienced. Just leaves you thinking about all the people you love who you would know would benefit from such excellence.

Thanks for treating our daughter to your work, and helping our Irish dancer to move her body like she is meant to and getting her to be the person she is now , through treating her from the accidents she had when she was small. This treatment approach is the only way forward for anyone suffering pain, brain fog or movement issues etc.


You are my Guru! Thank you David! 


Back pain, Energy level problems

April 2017

David helped me overcome my adrenal fatigue and has set me on a new enlightened path into pain and movement. Ive recommended him to a lot of my clients who all use his services. If you are in pain, feel tired all the time or have any weird affects from food/chemicals then David is your man!


Foot cramping, Hamstring pain, Biomechanical alignment issue affecting sports (skiing) performance

Before i saw David i was thinking about quitting my job and passion as a skier. I suffered from chronic cramping of the lower legs, feet, and hamstrings which had a knock on effect to everything else further up my body. It got to the point where my cramping would last weeks, and would stop my ability to walk up and down stairs and even walk around. Sometimes this resulted in total foot numbness. Nothing that i tried worked to a point where i was going to get surgery to see what was going on. I was not in a good place, both mentally and physically. 

A friend of mine in the business told me to try one more avenue of treatment, before giving up completely, which led me to David. In 90 minutes he did more for me than 4 doctors, 2 specialist, 3 physiotherapists, 2 surgeons and countless others put together. After three sessions with David over the course of a week my cramping was gone, and my mobility, strength, and alignment saw almost instant improvement. I felt a huge physical and mental release. I slept better, had more energy, focus, attitude and my general outlook became positive.

I still see David in between seasons and i feel better than i have ever done. I am seeing continual progress on and off the slopes, in the gym and in my personal life. Without David i wouldn't be living the life that i want to live. If you are being hesitant about booking an appointment, don't be. It will be the best decision you have ever made to come and see this magician at work. I see know-one else, and plan my flight back to the Uk around when he is available. 

Cant say enough good things!!!


Hairdresser with hip pain and lower back pain

David was recommended to me a year ago by a friend from Netherland, but he was still working in London, so I couldn't find time to see him. Luckily, David opened his clinic in Dublin :) 
Even after my first visit, I felt way better and by the time of my third visit, my pain was gone! I am thrilled with his work and approach and would highly recommend David to anyone!

Steve H.

Osteopath, November 2017

David is truly a great practitioner, his knowledge and skill level will leave you mind blown whilst fixing all your problems at the same time. Having studied alongside him, I've also been a student and a client of his and he carries a great deal of professionalism wherever he goes. I would highly recommend seeing David whenever you can!


Physical Therapist October 2017

Excellent therapist with a cutting edge approach to physical therapy!

Kaye S.

Back pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain,  Energy level problems

January 2018

When I first met David I had exhausted all other avenues of treatment . I was in constant pain over most of my body and had terrible brain fog along with a list of other symptoms. I battled with feelings of helplessness and depression as I just couldn’t see progress back to my normal self. I didn't expect a quick fix but my first session was amazing! David was so knowledgable and professional but also extremely sensitive, calm and kind which really matters when you are in so much pain. I can honestly say David has transformed my life. I now have my life back and I am pain free! David is a fantastic practitioner and I think everyone would benefit from his amazing work. I recommend him to everyone.


Pilates teacher experiencing chronic lower back pain, hip pain & hip mobility problems 

I’ve had 2 sessions with David following recurring hip and lower back discomfort for many years. His full assessment and clear explanations were beneficial and also really interesting to hear and I was delighted to walk out of his clinic after the first session feeling so much better. My second session only went on to cement that feeling and I’m delighted that my hip and lower back pain is almost non existent now. I’ve recommended David to a few of my pilates clients as well, and I know from feedback that they’ve been as impressed with him as I have 


Personal trainer with hip pain, shoulder pain and energy level problems

I came to David with numerous issues, and have been working with him for the last 18 months flying down from Aberdeen to London. Over this time I have had improvements beyond that which I could have hoped.
The confidence this has given me in my training, and the progress that I have been able to make as a result of our sessions together has made all of the travel worthwhile and I am very grateful for the time taken to work through the list of problem areas.
I would highly recommend David to anyone in pain, and would encourage patience with the process; I am so pleased that I continued the sessions over such an extended period.


Childcare Assistant suffering from 10+ years of migraines

David was recommended to me by a friend and as a sufferer with migraine and neck pain I was eager to find out for myself. He was was very professional and kind and he explained everything so thoroughly. After my treatment I felt so much more relaxed and in control and had the best night sleep in a long time. Well worth the visit. 

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John G.

Knee & Foot Pain
June 2015

As a competitive runner, nothing is more frustrating than sitting on the sidelines with injury. I arrived in London from the USA with right knee pain and left foot pain that had persisted for over a year's time.


My session with David Mc Gettigan was nothing short of revelatory as he discovered my body was still compensating for a severely sprained ankle (22 years ago) and a hernia repair surgery (15 years ago). The completely painless treatment culminated with 3 exercises that simulated phases of gait I'd not been able to access previously.


I've done my homework daily and now, 2 weeks later, I'm excited to report the annoying pains have no further reason to exist! Feels incredible to not only run pain-free, but to wake up, take a few steps and realise I don't have to hobble anymore at first haha!!


Big gratitude to David!! 


Osteopath, May 2017

Having known David for two years since the start of my own learning journey , I can confidently say that David is one the best therapists and teachers i have the pleasure to call a friend. His passion and drive to help others is clear to see, and he utilises a breadth of knowledge from a range of different disciplines to get people back to where they need to be. 

I have also had the pleasure to work and teach alongside David using P-DTR. I have therefore seen the transformations of many clients he has worked with. 

If you have any issues big or small, get in touch!

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